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Welcome to the In addition to the new layout, we have also upgraded our monitoring equipment to provide more accurate data. Most of the pages on the old site can be found in the menu bars above and if you hunt around a bit, you'll find some new additions. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • National Forecasts
    Here you can obtain current conditions and forecasts for any US city by zip code or city name.

  • Storm Reports
    This page shows updated reports from spotters during periods of inclement weather. is a National Weather Service trained SkyWarn storm spotter.

  • Radar, Carson Forecasts, archived information, and everything else is still here as well!

In addition to weather, we've added other new features to the website:

  • RSS News Headline Feeds
    From this page, you can view snippets of news from local news media including, The Nevada Appeal, CArsonNow and others. Please note that when visiting this page, it may take several seconds for us to "fetch" the headlines from these providers websites.

  • Photo Gallery
    Browse around or submit your own

  • Video Gallery
    These are videos located on YouTube. If you know of any others that we should display on the site, please contact us.

The information displayed on Carson Weather comes from a variety of sources. All of the current conditions data is collected from our weather station on the east side of town. The National Weather Service office in Reno provides forecast information, which we have customized for Carson City. Other information (ski reports, earthquakes, etc) is derived from a variety of sources.

A combination of on-site weather instrumentation feeds current conditions to our server, which is then processed with Virtual Weather Station software by Ambient.

The website design is by Josh Peichoto, with additional scripting and support provided by,, Anole Computer Services and Curly. (Thanks, guys!)

Carson Weather has been operating continuously since December 2002. Archived information can be viewed here.

We are constantly striving to improve our website. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to .

Thanks for visiting!

Joe Childs

We're always looking to upgrade our equipment. If you'd like to help, please feel free :)

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